About Bunny Besties

Bunny Besties is an all-volunteer nonprofit that addresses the heightened stress in our community. We do it with cuddly loving bunnies and with the principles founded through studies at Mayo Clinic and our work with Boynton Health Services Pet Away Worry and Stress (PAWS) Program at the University of Minnesota. Our rescued rabbits have a unique ability to lower stress of the humans around them and bring joyfulness to those in challenging life transitions. We host bunny interactions ​in college and other​ educational settings, homeless shelters, libraries, senior living, and hospices in the greater Twin Cities area of Minnesota, USA.

Bunny Besties has been traveling around our community since 2012 serving our mission on-site for our partners. Our partners have included the University of Minnesota PAWS program, homeless shelters serving children, libraries, nursing homes, hospice programs, and Minnetonka High School. We have served our partners with 446 on-site visits to their facilities. We have volunteered 8,420+ service hours from our organization into their organizations resulting in serving more than 23,749 community members. We may be a small nonprofit, but we are dedicated to our mission and making a big impact in our community.​

Our programs include bringing Animal Assisted Interactions and Animal Assisted Activities to nursing homes, high schools, universities, libraries, and any other local schools or organizations looking for a hoppy experience to reduce stress and bring emotional wellness to their organization. This includes our traveling rabbit agility show, our hoppy hour with our bunny castle and one-on-one therapy bunny cuddles.