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Bunny Besties Hay Bag

Bunny Besties Hay Bag

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Protect your bunnies hay with a Bunny Besties Hay Bag!

Keep your rabbit's pen neat and tidy by hanging this bag up and off the floor. Two heavy clips at the top make it easy to clamp this bag to any exercise pen. Simply open the velcro at the top of the bag and fill it with fresh dry hay for your rabbit. Close the bag and hang it where it can easily be accessed but will not be soiled with urine or feces.

  • Rabbits diet's should consist of 80% quality hay.
  • This bag has four holes for easy access.
  • This hay bag is waterproof.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Secure velcro top for closure.
  • Sturdy clips to hang from pen.

Measurements: 18.11 inch wide x 1.57 inches deep x 11.41 inches tall

Please note: If your rabbit's super power is chewing this hay bag is not for them. Try one of our wooden hay feeders!


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